If you want to upload music on Spotify and other streaming stores you need a Music Distributor like Distro Sync. Stores don’t allow users to upload their music directly because they don’t want to deal with copyright problems or guideline problems and because of this, they select partners like Distro Sync to Distribute Music and take care of payments, guidelines, copyright, and everything related to this. To publish your music you just need to create an account on Distro Sync and then you can start uploading your music on our distribution platform. Depending on your chosen plan (Free, Basic, or Premium) your music will be distributed within 12h after submission.

Distro Sync Music Distribution offers YouTube Content ID for our Users. YouTube Content ID helps you to get all streaming revenue generated by your music. For example; if someone on YouTube uses your Music in his video, we will claim it automatically and you will get all earnings generated by that video. Your Music, your money.

We on Distro Sync got you covered. If you submit music with us your music will be automatically Distributed to all streaming stores around the world, including TikTok Music, Instagram Music, and Facebook Music. There is no additional step you need to go. We publish your music to all Streaming Stores and Social Media Music Stores.

Back in the day, musicians like you could only publish music with the help of Label Management. They often take a big cut of your revenue (mostly around 80%) and it’s often hard to become a label member. With Distro Sync it’s easy; you can be your own music label and depending on your plan you can keep up to 100% of your streaming revenue. Now you are a real independent Artist!

Do you wonder how we can offer Free Music Distribution to everyone? Here is the answer; we want to give every artist out there the chance to get heard around the world, and if you have just started your music career you maybe just want to get your music on Spotify, TikTok, Deezer, Apple Music, etc. without any types of costs, that’s why we implemented the free music distribution. We only earn if you do, and as a free member, you will keep 80% of your streaming revenue. If you notice that your music is going wild you can upgrade your plan at any time so you can keep 100% of your revenue.

Yes, you can! And the best part is; Your Music stays live at stores without any type of downtime. You won’t lose any statistics (Streams, Playlist Positions, etc) The transfer is absolutely seamless. Just make sure to use the same metadata and ISRC while submitting you’ve already published music (Cover Art, Artist Name, Song Name, Audio File, etc.) (ISRC: You can always find that Code on your actual distributor like DistroKid, TuneCore, etc.) If you got any questions regarding the transfer our team is always happy to help you, just open a ticket or send us an email: support@distrosync.in

A record label is responsible for recording and distributing an artist's music, while a music publisher is responsible for collecting royalties for the use of the music. In some cases, record labels also have a publishing division, but they are separate entities.

If you are a songwriter or composer and your music is being used in any way, you need a music publisher to collect and distribute royalties on your behalf. Even if you are not yet earning significant royalties, it's a good idea to have a publisher to help you navigate the complex world of music licensing and copyright law.

Synching, or synchronization, is the process of using music in conjunction with visual media, such as film, TV, or commercials. Distro Sync can help you find the right project for your music and negotiate a synch license on your behalf.

Our publishing and synching services are completely free. We earn our money by collecting a percentage of the royalties earned by our clients' music.